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Ivory Canvassed Tuxedo


The Ivory Canvassed Tuxedo redefines elegance with its off-white, hand-canvassed construction. This statement piece features a peak lapel that adds a touch of grandeur, while the meticulously crafted hand-canvassing ensures a perfect drape that flatters your form.  Radiate sophistication and turn heads in this unconventional take on the timeless tuxedo.

Includes: Jacket, Trouser

Fabric : English Mohair, prized textile derived from the hair of Angora goats specifically raised in England.

Features : Soft ,Luster and Durable, Lightweight and Breathable, Moisture-Wicking and Wrinkle Resistant

Fabric Care : Brushing, Airing and Spot Cleaning

Collection: Hand Canvassed

Shirt : Tuxedo Shirt

Accessories : Customized Bow-Tie